Are you looking for a place to rent? We manage many rental properties here in South Florida. We provide full-service property management. Expect us to remain attentive to your needs and quickly respond to issues requiring repair or maintenance. As with everything we do, we take a personal approach to property management. From beautiful houses to wonderful vacation rentals, we offer a variety of properties for rent. If you're a renter, we're confident we have the perfect place for you. Here, you can search our catalog of rental properties. Simply contact us today to inquire more about any of our rental properties.


We do it all-- including commercial real estate.  Our true specialty is residential real estate.  Home is where the heart is, and that’s what we absolutely love working with—clients who want to buy, sell or rent residential. We’re even happy to provide property management. We’ll sell you a property, rent it for you, manage the rental and do everything for you but sweep the floors. We’ve even been known to vacuum a little if the property is vacant and looks untended.

I promise you—and it is a real promise—we will treat your every concern as we would treat our own concerns; we’ll be professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and fun to work with. Won’t you call us at Pat Hance Realty with your real estate needs, dreams, questions, anything at all?


Very helpful in listening to my ideas and helping me to find just the right place for me. Also, helpful in selling my home and buying the new one. I really appreciate her suggestions and her technical skills with details. Thank you, Pat